5 Unique Cake Design Details to Inspire You!

Designing a cake requires a lot of creativity and wisdom in knowing how to execute the design! Unfortunately, we sometimes fall into a rut of repeating what's comfortable out of fear of making a mistake. I'm here to tell you this: You will never grow if you don't try anything new! With each new project, you have the opportunity to stand out and make your mark as a cake artist, not just a cake decorator. Here's your chance to be unique and think outside of the box! To give you a boost, here are five unique cake design details to inspire your next project: Make text impressions with cutters! If you're one of those people who strongly believes that the person's age or name should appear on a bi

Lego-Themed Birthday Cake

Cake Size(s) 1/2-Sheet Cake, cut to shape, 2 Layers Decorating Tip(s) Used None Techinques Used Basic cake sculpting, with straight lines/angles Covering cake with fondant Using a silicone mold to create shapes with Candy Melts Custom lettering with fondant Edible Decor American Buttercream Fondant Wilton Candy Melts

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