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5 Unique Cake Design Details to Inspire You!

Designing a cake requires a lot of creativity and wisdom in knowing how to execute the design! Unfortunately, we sometimes fall into a rut of repeating what's comfortable out of fear of making a mistake. I'm here to tell you this: You will never grow if you don't try anything new! With each new project, you have the opportunity to stand out and make your mark as a cake artist, not just a cake decorator. Here's your chance to be unique and think outside of the box! To give you a boost, here are five unique cake design details to inspire your next project:

Make text impressions with cutters!

If you're one of those people who strongly believes that the person's age or name should appear on a birthday cake but want to include then in an unconventional way, try this technique! Roll out modeling chocolate or fondant and use metal cutters to make light impressions into the surface. Easy!

Add a gravity-defying cake toppers!

Introduce extra drama by adding height with a gravity-defying cake topper! I created this lasso by wrapping fondant around sturdy floral wire after molding it to the desired shape. It's important to protect the cake from the wire by first inserting a coffee stir stick or hollow pop stick to contain the wire. Try this technique and it will keep everyone wondering: How did they do that?!?

Illuminate your cake from within!

Turn up the WOW factor by turning down the lights and letting your creation shine! I created this effect by modifying my cake base to include a color-changing LED light module that was operated by a remote control. The bottom cake tier was hollowed out behind a poured Isomalt "window" with printed icing sheet in order for the colored light to be revealed. This base modification technique will be described in more detail in a later post. Stay tuned!

Create impactful text with molded fondant!

Text can be added to a cake in many different ways: piped with icing, hand-painted, cut out of fondant with cutters, etc. Let's take it up a notch and consider a way to add text that carries the theme! For this technique, I used a silicone mold intended to create a thin rope border and shaped it to form the name of the birthday girl. Everyone really loved this detail!

Customize your cake base with printing!

Cake bases present another opportunity to be creative and bring cohesiveness to your cake design! Instead of leaving the base uncovered or (gasp!) covering the cake base with fondant, try printing a deign and securing it to the top of your cake base using double-sided tape. For extra protection, cover the finished board in contact paper. Remember to place your cake on a cake board first to protect it from the contact paper.

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