Cake Pop 911: Help! My cake pops are falling apart. What's happening?!?

Cake pops can be frustrating....They are very time consuming, and when they fall apart at any point during their creation, it can be downright disheartening! This recently happened to one of my wonderful students, and she reached out to me for help. If you're faced with broken cake pops, ask yourself the following 5 questions for quick troubleshooting: 1. Did I refrigerate my cake balls once they were formed? After forming your cake balls, it's always a good idea to chill them in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes. This will stiffen them slightly and make them much easier to work with! 2. Did I dip my pop stick in my chocolate/candy melt before inserting them into my cake balls? Always sec

Sweet 16 Cake with Bow

Cake Size(s) 6" Round, 2 Layers 8" Round, 3 Layers Decorating Tip(s) Used None Techinques Used Custom Cake Topper made of fondant and gum paste Molding using silicone mat Edible Decor Swiss Meringue Buttercream Fondant Decorative sugar sheets with snowflake design

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