3 Reasons Why You Should Take an In-person Cake Decorating Class!

If you've been debating whether or not you should take the plunge and attend an in-person cake decorating class, here are 3 reasons why you definitely should! 1. You'll enjoy some "me" time. Do you need to get away from it all? Well, get out of the house and spend a couple of hours trying something new without all of the usual distractions! You may find that you love decorating cakes and cupcakes. 2. You'll get to see the techniques demonstrated from all angles. Watching a YouTube video on your tablet and getting to see techniques up close and personal are two totally different experiences! Not to mention, being able to ask questions, receiving personal attention and being coached on how to

Cookie Monster Birthday Cake

Cake Size(s) 10" Round, 2 Layers Decorating Tip(s) Used Tip #8 Techinques Used Basic cake sculpting Using cutters to cut letters and shapes out of fondant Stenciling and hand-cutting fondant Custom coloring buttercream icing Edible Decor American buttercream Fondant Chocolate chip cookie

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