Icing Colors: 10 Useful Tips and Tricks!

1. Always use gel paste color; never liquid food coloring! Liquid food coloring is a liquid, and liquid effects the consistency (thickness) of your icing. Remember: Consistency is an essentially of cake decorating! Gel paste color will not thin your icing and is the best choice for creating beautifully colored icing. 2. Plan to make enough colored icing to complete your entire project. Nothing is more frustrating than running out of your color and scrambling to match your original shade. It's better to err on the side of caution and make a little more than you think you need. Creating a match is possible, but it can be difficult! 3. Start light and build up your color. Add color a little at

Macaron Birthday Cake

Cake Size(s) 6" Round, 3 Layers Decorating Tip(s) Used None Techinques Used Sharp, straight cake edges with ProFoster "Chocolate" Sails made from Candy Melts Edible Decor White chocolate ganache Wilton Candy Melts French macarons

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