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3 Simple Tips for Buying New Cake Pans

Are you in the market for new cake bakes pans? Here are a few simple tips to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck:

Opt for aluminum pans

Choosing light colored aluminum pans over darker colored pans simply comes down to science. Dark colors absorb heat while light colors reflect heat. Opt for aluminum pans instead of darker pans to produce more evenly baked cakes and avoid over-baking!

Make sure the sides are straight

Pay close attention to the sides of cake pans as you're comparing them. Some pans have tapered sides and some pans have straight sides; the difference can be very subtle. Pans with straight sides will allow you to easily stack layers of baked cake into neat tiers unlike pans with tapered sides; which can cause inconsistencies especially when icing the sides of a cake. Pans with straight sides are the best choice!

Consider taller pans

Cake pans are typically available in a 2-inch height, but taller pans are also available. Don't be limited by pan height! My absolute favorite is the 3-inch high pan. Baking a cake in this taller pan will yield a cake that almost equals the height of baking in two separate 2-inch height pans once all cakes are leveled, filled and iced. Baking time will be slightly longer when baking in a taller pan, but you save time (and stress) without having to prep and clean multiple pans!

Bonus: What are my favorite cake pan brands? I own pans made by Magic Line, Fat Daddios and Wilton. I love them all!

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