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Branching Out: More than just cake!

Over the last several months, I've been given the opportunity to venture outside of just doing cakes to provide what I like to call "Sweet Suites"! I've been able to add cake pops, sugar cookies (very simply designed), candies (very simple as well), and macarons to my repertoire as more and more people are offering a sweet treats table to accompany the cake for their occasion. Below are a few photos of how I've done this:

My hope for 2017, is that I'm able to continue to offer a wide variety of goodies for my clients! Over the next year, I would like to grow from being a cake decorator to being a cake designer. I plan to learn new techniques (such as cake sculpting and airbrushing) and practice to "make perfect". As many of you know, I always use doctored box mix. I plan to break out of this comfort zone, and make more cakes from scratch and provide more exciting fillings in 2017.

Please take advantage of all the opportunities you'll be given as well! Push your boundaries. Never give up. Practice and perfect. As always, I'll be here to share my cake journeys with you in the hope that you'll find inspiration to try something new!

Happy Baking & Decorating!

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